Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So we were at Costco last night and while we were patiently waiting in line to purchase our items we were entertained by the family ahead of us. The parents were busy figuring out their purchases and paying while their little daughter was running around crazily like little ones do. Finally the parents noticed she was a ways out and started yelling "Saysha! Saysha!"

For some reason I blurted out laughing and found the whole scene really amusing. (As if the same scenario will never happen to us :) ha ha ha.) Ahmad caught on to my amusement and as we were walking to our van we started saying "Saysha! Saysha! Saysha!" and laughing really loud. Unbeknownst to us, the Saysha family was parked right next to us! Oh no....I think the may have heard us! Then....I looked down and Laith is saying Saysha too.....oh boy, what have we started!

It has been over a day since this happened and all 3 of us are still randomly saying "Saysha!"
Amusing to us....hopefully it is to you :)

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